Lorraine Bartram

Lorraine has been competing in agility since 1991 achieving novice with Sophie x breed and intermediate with Bilbo in the early days, and Grade 5 KC and Champ UkA performance with Drew and Ty WSDs before they both retired. Lorraine now competes with a new working cocker spaniel called Seren who has progressed to grade 4 in her first season. Lorraine has been teaching agility since 1994.

Julian Bartram

KC Agility Judge, Julian has also been competing since 1991 achieving intermediate with Alice a lurcher and Cassie a Bichon Frise. Julian now has a new dog called Nelly a WSD and has started competing again at grade 3.

Rianne Gilchrist

Agility Club Approved Instructor first class Rianne has been competing in agility for the past 19 years and teaching for 7 years. Rianne currently has 2 WSDs, Tia who is 11 years old and Bear who is 2.5 years old and just beginning to compete.

Danielle Cross


Carol Hayes

Agility Club Approved Instructor, Carol has competed with her Boxer X American Bulldog. Competing wist Basil the Boxer and young Welsh Sheepdog Zorro who is ½ brother to Quiche.

Jason Bartram

Agility Club Approved Instructor first class and KC Agility Judge, who has been competing since he was about 6 years old. He reached Grade 5 KC and Champ UkA in both performance and Steeplechase with Chip (Celestine Hi Tec) who was a X breed before Chip died at 6 years old. Jason also reached Grade 5 with Faye, his working Cocker. He is currently is training Quiche, his young Welsh Sheepdog.

Abby Blythe


Abigail Doxford

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